First of all, I want to express my resentment towards the Chemical Engineering Society for assigning us two major activities in the the Engineering Week Program. The parade and the Variety show presentation.

I am resentful because:
They planned for a plant visit when THEY assigned to us the parade. Yes, every Engineering parade there must be a gimik. But, they said that we MUST do it because WE will represent the whole Chemical Engineering family. Assigning us to take charge of the parade and planning for the plant visit which gave us a short amount of time to prepare for the parade. Also, we didn't get any financial support, since, WE are representing the Chemical Engineering family, I think it would have been wise since they didn't offer support for manpower and creativity, they could have at least offer to shoulder the expenses. The thing is they are expecting us to win. (And we did!)

Also, assigning us the variety show is really unfair. We are just third year students, although we are capable of doing the show, that was to represent again the whole Chemical Engineering family. So since we are the baby members of the department, guidance from our kuyas and ates would have been the best. Dapat sila ang nag-ga-guide sa amin. Hindi yung pinapa-solo flight nila samen yung mga activities.

There was this Audio Visual Presentation before the variety show. It serves as the introduction for the department. Madam Rachelle asked me to do it. Actually, she said that it is a flash presentation. I objected because why on earth did they assigned that to us? Later I found out that WE were assign to handle the variety show. I responded violently and asked Madam why is that so. She said that the 4th year and 5th years were given the Documentary for the docufest. Like hello? the Docufest was already over that time! So I'm sure that the 4th and 5th years aren't doing anything. It was really frustrating that we have to do everything on our own.

I express my resentment too for the Engineering Student Council (ESC), for cutting off our presentation.

It's not our fault that the General Information Quiz Challenge (GIQC) will have overtime. If it's the case, the variety show should have been started ASAP! In the middle of our dance number, they cut off the music with Katrina Corpus on the front saying "we had to cut it overtime na." What's a mere 5 mins? It was a rush presentation adn they cut it off. they didn't say that the AVP was part of the fifteen minutes. I made the AVP to run in less than 1 min. I made the AVP, I danced, I prepared form y role as cleopatra. And then they just cut it off. I also did the background sounds. They just wasted all my efforts!