Feb. 6, 2008. For the Chinese, this is the Lunar New Year's eve. But for me, this was the day that I felt happy and pressured at the same time. I met up with the BnBp barkada. The 1st people to meet up were Av and I. I texted him because I chatted with Whel, who wanted to go laboy, earlier. We waited beside Don's place in Dapitan. After a while, Av received a text from Boss April. So he fetched her at Perpz. Before going back to Perpz, Av bought three sets of Pampanga's Best Chicken Nuggets (Siyet! I so love the nuggets!) As we approach Perpz, we saw Manong in yellow casual polo. So the four of us decided to wait for Whel and Jebs at the foodcourt. While we were walking towards the direction of SM San lazaro. I couldn't help but notice the word "RON" which is "printed" in Manong's back. I asked Manong about it and he said that he used a permanent marker to print it there. The design was printed inside a snowboard, it looked as if it was really the design.

When we arrived at SM, we sat down in the footcourt. While waiting for the two, Juanch came down from the stairs. We didn't really expect Juanch to come by because we didn't inform him of the activity. Then, Averi bought a total of 4 sets of Large fries from McDo for us to eat (rich kid!). It was really funny because earlier he was saying that he doesn't want to spend. While we were waiting still for the two to come, I studied for my exams for tomorrow.

And when the two, Whel and Jebs, finally came, it was time for Manong ang Boss to go home because it was already passed six pm that time. Oh before that Av left in a hurry. So the ones left were Juanch, Whel, Jebs, and I. The three of them told me that they will buy food. So I nodded and returned to my business in Strength of Materials handout. Juanch first returned, followed by the two slowpokes. Juanch bought C2 while the two bought rice and seafood balls with caramel topped cream puffs. I was curious with the cream puffs so I tasted it. The caramel was sickening. It was so hard that a rat's teeth might come off. But the puff was good.

Next stop, 3rd floor, Quantum. Because Whel wanted to sing, we headed to the booths, only to find out that all of the rooms were occupied. So I wandered around the arcade. I got curious in the Diva like voice of the one singing on stage. A familiar face came into view. It was Lorie who was singing. I waved a hello, and so did he/she. As I return back to the spot were I left the boys, I found Jebs writing the numbers for his songs. He asked me to pick too. And so I did. We waited for a while for those in the rooms to finish their session. While waiting, I went back where Lorie was singing and listen to him/her sing few more songs before she finally stepped down. So we besoed and asked how is he/she, and how many songs did he/she sang (about 10 actually). So we got a little chat and mentioned that Alcarion is there with me. He/She wanted to see Whel so I pulled her to Whel's direction. Next scene was the kamustahan scene yada yada. When Lorie turned to my direction I said, "Ang gwapo noh?" referring to Whel. "Oo bakla, ang bait pah", Lorie hastily replied. Lorie returned to his companions who were occupying a room.

Finally, a room was vacant. And we need a crew. It took me a long time to find one. Finally, the songs were inserted. And it was Juanch who is first to sing. He got 100 for the song, next was Whel (I like it when he sang I'll be over you by Toto, I even recorded it!), then Jebs, then me, and then Juanch's last song, another 100 score song.

Afterwards, it was the hunt for the Medical Cap. Because Jebs used his last Med Cap, he needs to buy a new ones. We first went to National Bookstore and found none. We moved up to Watsons, none also. That is were Whel offered to take my Phychem book and put it in his bag. We exited SM. Juanch at 1st daid that he would be going home, only to change his mind. We decided to walk to Bambnag because we were still in search of Med Caps for Jebs. Finally we were able to buy some in a medical suppply shop in front of Jose Reyes Memorial Center.

To be continued