Right now, I can say that aside from John Bersaba, kilikili, Toni Gonzaga and Angel Locsin, I have another person whom I hate so much. His name? Joshua Boson.

This black guy auditioned for American Idol 7, and when the judges said that he doesn't have the talent for it; He said so many nasty things about the judges and Idol. Talk about sore loser!

If I were Ryan Seacrest and I herad that guy talk about Idol like that I would certainly say this! "You freaking Son of a bitch! Don't be such a jerk saying those things! In case the judges haven't really emphasized, You suck as hell! Have you seen yourself singing in front of the mirror? You look like an constipated orangutan trying to sing! Loser! Scram! Before I have you caged for the zoo!"

Here watch the orangutan!