Earlier this afternoon, I watched the movie Sikil. I would like to clarify that I made a mistake. The poster that I'm always using to advertise Sikil was for the movie Masahista. Sorry for the error! =D

So I would like to first talk about the actors who played the lead characters. (I'm sorry, this post is more on about the movie, because the lead characters are models, I couldn't find more conservative pictures)

Will Sandejas

i first saw him as a miner in the indie film Troika. Right then and there he really made an impact to me because of his hot body and his ethnic look. I can say that he can act. He delivers line with emotions. He played the role of Adong

Ken Escudero

He was Ginoong Filipinas 2006. I find him good even though he speaks a little soft. He played the role of Enzo.

Issues tackled
The film presented many problems in the society. Some of which are pretty evident in our community. Like, when Adong was played by gays, he was dropped of by a bridge where a kid bystander is standing. After the drop off was made, the kid hastily, took Adong's wallet and watch. Another one was Joy Viado's line "Yung inisnatch mong cellphone nung isang araw, bibilin ko na lang." Of course, the issue that was really emphasized was male prostitution. Honestly, before I used to buy male services too. I even went to those cinemas in Recto just to sexual contact. In clubs, gay bars, and in other places where there are males who are willing to give me what I want for free or in exchange for money. (Thank goodness I'm still not sick!) There is another place where you can get Adam's body. A bathhouse. But I haven't experience yet to enter such establishments. According to the movie, when you enter a bath house, the dress code is nothing but a towel.

My favorite character in the movie was Enzo. I actually pity him. But he was right when he said to his parents, "Kung ano ako ngayon, dahil sa inyo yun!" That was when his father assaulted him that he was a faggot and was in love with his best friend Adong. Enzo, having an abusive father and a submissive mother, having to grow up to be beaten and belittled; It was really dreadful. I share his happiness when he was being fucked by Adong. I'm sure that he felt fulfilled. Although, initially there was no love there because it was a show in the bathhouse. Still, the thought of finding your lost love and instantly his body, on top of your body, it was a really magical feeling. My most favorite line is when he said to Melay (Adong's wife), "Pag sinaktan mo sya ulet, papatayin kita... Pag sinaktan mo sya ulet, papatayin kita... Pag sinaktan mo sya ulet, papatayin kita..." He repeated those words until his tears drowned his voice. It implies that he really loves Adong. My favorite scene is that when he admitted to Adong that he loves him only to be rejected in the end. Ouch! that hurt! One day, before Adong will leave for the States, he went to Enzo's place. There, he came with the intent to make love with Enzo. As Adong started to undress, Enzo said, "Kung gagawin natin to dahil naaawa ka saken o kaya pambayad utang, wag na." Adong replied already stripped, "Gagawin natin to, dahil kailangan nating gawin to para lumigaya, gagawin natin to para sa isa't isa." Then they had sex, this time, Enzo is on top. So it came to my conclusion that both Adong and Enzo are bi. One thing I have in common with Enzo is that I care for the person I love. I mean, I would do the same thing. Let my love stay at my house, feed him, pamper him, clothe him, etc.

The mirror
Another favorite scene of mine is that when they finally saw each other in Manila. It was just before there first sex scene. Adong, who is a performer that time in a bathhouse, has partner in the performance but unfortunately is sick. So a replacement was arranged and it was Enzo. It was really a shock for each of them to see at that awkward place. Both of them are buttoning there polos when they suddenly looked at the same time in the mirror to see each other. Sweet!