After the trip, we went back to Albert's place. I hastily wash the pans, dishes, spoon, forks, and glasses that we used earlier. Albert walked towards the sofa bed, positioned the fan so it faces him turned it on, and laid down. He was, for me, in a very awkward position. His head on one end, his back lying angled on the back of the sofa bed, his right foot extended towards the other end of the sofa bed, and another one was firmly on the floor. He was trying to rest because of his lack of sleep. "Iwanan mo na yan dyan." Albert sleepily said. The usual, I ignored him. He changed position while his eyes were closed.

After doing the dishes, I approached the double decker bed. I kissed my children Nomil and Eljhay. I immediately packed my things. I decided to clean up before I leave. I went to the bathroom sink. I noticed two empty sticks of Old Spice deodorant near the mirror. "Ano ba naman yan, ba't hindi pa itapon to? Ano to collection?" I ranted. I took the sticks and put them inside the nearby trash can. I returned to the sink and began arranging the soaps, toothpastes, the glass with the shave and toothbrushes. I went inside the shower area and found his dirty shorts and undies. I took it from the hanging bar. I 1st went back to my bag because I was expecting a text from Whel. After replying to Whel's text, I put the dirty clothes inside the paper bag with the filthy clothes. My next target were the DVDs by the TV. "Wag mo na ayusin yan, pag umalis ka naman magugulo uli yan." Albert again, with eyes closed, sleepily grunted. Ignore.

I sat down on the bed. I looked at Albert. He changed his position ones more, still trying to sleep. I looked at him very fervently. It seems as though I have nothing to do there anymore, I decided to leave the place. I caressed his hair while saying, "Albert, alis nako ah." He instantly replied a nod.

I opened the door. Look at Albert one last time. Smiled. And closed the door.

I was then off to DC-link.