I was at Albert's place then, I think it was some time 3 months ago, he confessed that sometimes when he plays volleyball, the base of his spine hurts. Naturally, as a friend, I became concerned. I asked him if he already went to X-ray, he said not yet and has no plan to. And I reasoned out so many things so that he will agree to getting an X-ray. We even talked about him being impotent because he will be paralyzed. (Sayang naman yung magiging inaanak ko, gwapo pa naman yun...)

Today, February 17, ChES volleyball will have a game. Last night I was really uneasy, because I kept thinking about his spine. So I texted my brother, who is a doctor, and ask if what is the probable condition if one's base of the spine is experiencing pain. He said, obesity, scoliosis, kidney problems, are among the the possible conditions. Obviously, obesity is out of the question, ang yummy kaya ni Albert.So to narrow it down, I narrated to my brother that the pain is only experienced while playing volleyball. So finally, we're down to two conditions: Muscle strain; and herniated disc.

I know what muscle strain is. It is the sudden stretch of the muscle when doing a extreneous act. It took a while to figure out the herniated disc. Hernia is a protrusion of an organ to a cavity; A disc is a single bone of the backbone. Yung backbone parang ice cream yan, patong patong na scoop, isang scoop ay isang disc. Finally, I ruled out the herniated disc because I know for a fact that Albert doesn't have a bulge on his back.

It is just Muscle strain, which is logical considering that he likes to sleep and slack off. It really fits the puzzle.

I'm feeling total relief!