Feb. 9, 2008. I never thought that a thing like that can happen. I, staying over at Albert's place. ALONE. Before when I used to go there, his cousin, Kuya Empoy, is with him. But that time, Kuya Empoy was not there. When I asked where is the guy, Albert said, "Nagtatago, labasan na kasi ng results ng Exam sa Nursing. Eh pang 3rd time na nya". So I put my bags down on the side and began looking around. The place was literally, a boy's room. The place was really a mess. His cabinet was open with clothes scattered inside and outside of it. His dirty clothes laid on the floor at the bottom of the cabinet. DVDs unorganized beside the TV. His books all scattered on the table. Well, I can say, it was bit cleaner now that it used to be. Wahahahhah. Mas madumi pa yun dati.

He took off his shirt. (So he took off his shirt in front me, big deal!). I went back to my bag to give him his present. It's a boxer brief from bench. "Hindi ko to susuotin ngayon." he said. "Sino naman nagsabing susuotin mo yan ngayon?" I countered. "Sabi mo dati gusto mong makitang suot ko pag binigay mo?" "Hindi ka naman mabiro." "Uyy! Pwede!" he exclaimed after seeing the undie in an open fashion.

I examined his cabinet. It was really a mess. I began organizing his clothes. His cabinet has a hanging space and two drawers at the bottom. So the Hanging space is where his hangs his uniforms, pants and jackets. The below it is where he stores his shirts and sandos. The 1st drawer is the undies drawer and the bottom one is for shorts and other garments."Anong susuotin mo bukas?" I asked. He showed me his white 07-08 ChES Shirt. "Eh pants?" I added. "Basta dyan, kitang kita ko naman yan kahit magulo." "Nasan?" I persistently asked. He took one of his pants that is below the hanged clothes. I took both the pants and the ChES shirt from him and placed them in a hanger and hanged them on the left most side of the cabinet. I shoved the hangers on the right, he suddenly exclaimed, "Wag mong ganyanin, baka malukot!" I didn't listen of course, what a silly thing to say! I noticed that he still has more closet space. I began analyzing the hanged clothes. I figured that not all of them are Albert's because there was a Nursing uniform hanging in there. So I segregated his clothes from his cousins asking him if it was his or not. I put his uniforms on the right most, followed by his jackets, then his cousins clothes. Next, his shirts. I instantly noticed all the white shirts there. I know that he is wearing white shirts as undershirt for his uniform. I folded them and stacked them neatly onthe left side. I took out all of the other clothes on that part, and arranged them. So the 1st column was the white shirts and sandos. The next column was colored shirts. On to the 1st drawer. I somehow made it much neater. I arranged all of his undies in a manner that one will not be lost inside. All the while I was doing that, he was changing for some more comfortable clothes. The 1st drawer was the one that is open when I arrived there. I shut it in making the place a bit tidy. The 2nd drawer was neat, maybe because he doesn't open it often. On the floor beside the cabinet, was his dirty clothes. I knew it was dirty because that's the place were he threw the shirt he took off earlier. He emerged wearing shorts and sleeveless thin shirt. I asked him if where was his dirty clothes basket. He said he left it in Bataan. I don't want to leave those clothes there on the floor and struggled to find a solution. He tried to take the dirty clothes away from me, but I was too persistent. He then took out a paperbag, and put his dirty pants there, and I also put the rest of his dirty clothes there. I went to lavatory and saw his pants there. I took his pants, and pulled out his belt. "Magbebelt kaba bukas?" "Oo" he replied. I also hanged his belt on the same hanger I used for the clothes he will use tomorrow which is placed at the left most corner of his now organized cabinet.

"San ako matutulog?", I asked as I sat down on the bottom bed of a double decker, while slipping out my babies, Nomil and Eljhay. He said, "Dito." pointing towards a red sofa bed. He fixed the sofa bed for me and said, "Dito sa ilalim yung kumot at sapin, baka kasi gusto mo nang kumot." facing his cabinet. But he took the bed sheet himself and gave it to me. I had a puzzled look on my face As I reach out for the blue bed sheet/blanket, I said, "Parang di mo naman ako kilala, hindi naman ako maselan sa ganyan, taga-tondo kaya ako." "malay ko ba kung sanay kang matulog na may kumot, kasi yung iba ganun." defending himself. I sat down on the sofa bed, put my babies down, and went back to my bag to get my charger. To my suprise, it's not there, then I remembered that I took it out before as I was slipping out my babies. I later found it on top of the table. Albert reiterated what he said earlier, "Mas nahahanap ng lalaki yung sa mas magulo, sa babae naman pag maayos." he said that because I was trying to clean the table up. I was trying to find a socket until I saw an extension cord. he asked me to pull off his charger so that I can put mine. I did.

We didn't sleep at all. We talked about many things. The topics that we had so much fun talking were about the big circle and Berna. The light was turned off then. I noticed that the light was having soft sparks inside. He said that it was pretty normal and that it happens everytime. I think we slept around 2:30 am.

I woke up the moment my cellphone alarmed. It was exactly 4:00am. I got up to prepare for the morning. I looked around the kitchen for something to cook. I looked into the ref and saw a frozen ham. I opened the 1st cupboard and saw nothing but dust. I opened the next cupboard and saw a bottle of oil and soy sauce. I opened the bottom cabinet trying to find the rice but unable to find it. I decided to take a bath first. Then, I woke up Albert so that he could take a bath as well. It was around 4:30 am. He said, "Sandali lang ang aga pah." the usual Albert =D. While he's getting more sleep, I started to defrost the ham. "San yung bigas?" I asked. "Dun oh." pointing his finger to a biscuit pail. As I was opening it, he said that it was old. "Wala ba kayong bago?" "Wala." "Sige magtinapay nalang tayo, sagot ko na yun. Maligo ka na." He took of his shirt and proceeded to the CR. While he is doing his thing in the Throne of sewage, I went back to the sleeping area. I had a smile on my face to his bed all made up. He did mature for a little. I made the sofa back the way it was I went there. I hastily went back to the kitchen to cook the ham. It was the 1st time that i cooked in an electric stove. After slicing, I fried the ham. While Albert was bathing, I went outside to buy the bread. I was able to buy bread at a 7-11 which is already past the Ramon Magsaysay High School. I hurriedly went back home. The moment I stepped inside the room, Albert came out of the shower top naked with towel covering his lower area. I went back to the sofa bed and took his clothes in the cabinet. "Magbihis ka na." "Oh? Hindi mo sisilipan?" he was teasing me. "Hindi." "Promise?" "Promise hindi." While he was putting on his clothes, I immediately arranged his clothes on the sofa bed. The ChES shirt, and the belt because he already took the pants with him.

After all our preparations had been done, We ate the ham with the bread, and drink the too-much-diluted extra joss that I had handy in my bag.

I said goodbye to my babies, and was sure that I'll be back that afternoon.

We were off to UST for the plant visit trip