The rape of Tonying is a short story I wrote for my entry in the Ustetika. Ustetika is the annual Literary award of the Varsitarian, UST paper.

The lead characters Tonying, and Fred were based on my personality.

Tonying, my more vocal, adventurous, and more aggressive side.
Fred, my shy, calm, down-to-earth side.

Although both characters have different personalities, they have one thing in common, they like to be around with people. The caring Tonying, who likes to be around with his love, Kindred; The fragile Fred, who always look up to Tonying.

Around that time, I'm really against those Fraternities. I just couldn't make up a rationale for the cause. So I decided to write about what I think in the form of a story.

no matter how many people criticize my work. I'm still proud of what I wrote in "The Rape of Tonying". It really showcased my views regarding the issue.