Herpes Zoster aka Shingles, is an acute inflammation of the central nervous system. It causes a blister like rash and neuralgic pain in areas of the skin supplied by the affected nerves, most often in a band (Greek, zoster) around one side of the trunk.

Grabeh na ito, naiimagine ko lang ang taong may ganito, although it is called Herpes, its not the STD. Hindi ko pa talaga nakikita yung actual na itsura, nahihiya din kasi akong itanong kung pwede ko rin ba makita, pero as the name suggests, band-like ang itsura nya. Neuralgic pain, ibig sabihin, sa nerves yung saket. Masaket talaga yun. Ang normal pain sa nerves din naman, pero that is due of a stimuli, eh pero in this case, kusa nalang sumasaket. Ang normal pain pag hinimas himas mo, nawawala ang saket eh.

Herpes Zoster and varicella or chicken pox are caused by the same virus. It is called as V-Z virus. Initial infection of the virus will result to chicken pox. After recovery, the virus will remain dormant to the root of the nerves. Reactivation of the virus will cause a skin eruption supplied by the nerves in which the virus remained dormant.

So kung hindi ka pa nagkakaron ng Chicken pox, at exposed ka sa taong may Herpes Zoster, magkakachicken pox ka. Pero kung nagkachicken pox ka na, Herpes Zoster ang dadapo syo. Since pareho lang naman ang virus na nagdudulot ng mga sakit na yan.

The first sign of Herpes Zoster is often pain in the area that the eruption will occur. The rash usually extends from the spine one one side of the body and around the midline in front. Normally, the blisters appear for about four to five days. In th next week or two, they dry up, crust over, then heal. The most troublesome aspect of this disease is the pain. It may persist even after the blisters are gone.

Imagine an oval cut in the center vertically, yung one side, ganun yung magiging affected side. Parang ang herpes zoster ay chicken pox lang, mas mahaba nga lang ang healing process and mas masakit. We're talking about aching nerves here. Pero hindi sya makati. Tsaka sa torso lang sya lumalabas unlike its simple counterpart, na kalat, although may cases na pag mahina yung immune system ng patient, kakalat na parang sa chicken pox.

Herpes Zoster

Sa naalala ko sa medication ng friend ko. Nagets ko na yung idea kung baket nya iniinom yung mga gamot na yun. Anti-biotics, vitamins, analgesics. Grabeh. Andami, pero gets ko na. Hindi man ako expert sa field na yun, at least naiintindihan ko nah.