I 1st saw Jarry Andre Lascano last May 3, 2008 during the TP4 Parent's Orientation. He was not around during the Meeting de avance because he was having an exam that time. He was running for Vice President for the Central Student Council, and he won. I went outside the University to claim the brochures that I had ordered to be photocopied. When I returned, the orientation was already over. I wanted to talk to him to get some information regarding the different societies in their Faculty, the Faculty of Pharmacy. Cachi gave me his number so that I don't need to look for him. I went back to the CSC office with Cachi. We found the rest of the officers there, as well as Jarry. I seated at the lone computer at the side and began writing my name and number at the back of each brochures and folding them neatly. It was that time that the people inside the office began asking if they would want to eat. Jarry asked me if I wanted to eat too. "Si Wilbert din tanungin nyo oh, Ano gusto mo ba kumain Wilbert?" Grabeh! KILIG!

This afternoon, as I was transcripting the Word Problems in the computer, Cheska, the CSC Secretary, kept on insisting that she's hungry and kept on bugging Jar-Jar. They decided that they would buy at Jollibee. Jar-Jar asked me if I ate already, "Ikaw, Wilbert, kumain ka na ba?" "Actually, hindi pa, pero OK lang sige." "Ano ba gusto mo?" "Nakakahiya naman..." That's all that I can say at that moment.

So he went out, and when he returned he gave me a B1 Value meal from Jollibee.

I was so touched! I mean, we are not THAT close, but to buy me food without me even asking, that melted my knees! Mahal ko na ata si Jarry. I never felt very vulnerable like this.