5. I love to talk.

I just want to share everything about me. I want to socialize by simply talking. Having a good conversation is my idea of a good time. Although you are reading a blog entry, it is also somehow listening to the author. I write my blogs in the way I would say it. If after the phrase I will laugh, I'll put a “Whahahahahahahaah!” after it. Or I would sigh, “piff!”. Bottomline is, I write the blogs in a way that you will hear me talking about it in person.

4. It's a spirit of sharing

Many people share their lives through their blogs. Some are informative, some may share the same interest with other people, others, inspiring. I don't know what category blog falls under. But I write because I know others would be interested to read it.

3. It's Stress relieving.

I'm a really busy person. I have responsibilities in school and at home. All of which are taking a toll on me. I write these because it sort of keep me relax. I also notice that when I'm doing blogs, I tend to remember things more clearly and I'm able to think more concise.

2. It's to inform my friends about my life.

As I said, I'm a really busy person. That is the primary reason why I'm always bailing out when my friends are going lakwatsa. And I don't really have time to talk to them in person either. So I resort to writing blogs so they can be updated about my life.

1. For Having friends

Although we, most of us anyway, don't know each other in person. Still, we know that we are part of the blogsite author's life when we read his/her entries. It's about sharing and then connecting with your fellow bloggers. And I can say that I'm proud to be a blogger. Kudos to all the bloggers out there! Especially my favorite ones! (tingin sa kaliwa, then kaway everlou!) Wahahahahahha!