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QUEZON CITY, Philippines - A 34-year-old man has filed a P26-million suit against cosmetic surgeons Manny and Pie Calayan for doing a penis enlargement operation on him that he claims left him with a deformed organ that he could not use for sex because it was painful.

He also said the aqua gel used in the operation has spread in his penis and could be give him a tumor.

In a complaint filed at the Makati City Prosecutors Office, Louem Martinez, 34, complained of being "physically incapacitated" and "mentally devastated."

Martinez agreed to be interview by Susan Enriquez, who filed a report aired on Friday over 24 Oras, GMA Network's early evening newscast.

Martinez also filed criminal cases of reckless imprudence resulting to serious physical injury and obstruction of justice against the Calayans, who own and operate the Calayan SurgiCenter in Legaspi Village, Makati.

Martinez got to know about the Calayan Surgicenter through its website while he was working in the US last year.

He then got interested in the "Penile Enlargement/Thickening and Lengthening Services" the Calayans were offering, so he went to Manila in March last year to check it out.

In their consultations, he said Dr. Manny Calayan assured him of his expertise, having performed the same operation – using a substance called aqua gel – at a rate of two per month.

Calayan assured Martinez the operation would widen and lengthen his penis without any deformity, sagging, and bumps and without any side effects.

Martinez recalled that he had met with Calayan about four times on different dates at the Calayan Surgicenter and talked to him twice over the phone.

"Doctor Calayan always assured, reassured, confirmed, and reconfirmed to me his expertise to handle such penis enlargement/widening operation and its safety and success," he recounted.

The operation eventually took place on Sept. 24, 2007.

Martinez said that at the operation room, he asked a certain woman who administered to him the anesthesia about the expertise of Calayan on penis enlargement.

"I believed all the presentations, assurances, reassurances, confirmation and reconfirmation then of Dr. Calayan and the anesthetist, the very reasons why I agreed to be operated by him", Martinez said in his complaint.

Martinez said the Calayans charged him P145,000, which included the fee for the liposuction of his cyst.

After the operation, Martinez said he took the medicine prescribed to him by Calayan. But even after a few months of usage, he noticed that his penis remained "badly deformed, sagged, and bumped." And he could still feel pain in his penis, scrotum, and surrounding area until now.

Calayan, he said, assured him that it was all temporary, but the pain and deformity persisted, prompting him to ask his lawyer to inform the Calayans of his physical predicament.

Still Calayan made no further action to alleviate his suffering.

"I went back to the United States and physicians I consulted said that the aqua gel is cancerous," Martinez said.

He said another plastic surgeon he had consulted confirmed the distortion and sagging of his penis.

He pointed out that another doctor in the US that he consulted told him that the use of aqua gel in his penis operation would lead to "adverse unknown possibilities."

Martinez claimed that the penis operation of Calayan has "practically destroyed or stolen his manhood and further, deprives him of a future family of his own because such operation could render him impotent for life, suffer diseases and may cause his untimely death."

He said he would not have undergone such operation without the misrepresentation made by the Calayans on their "expertise" in penal enlargement.

Martinez is demanding from the Calayan Surgicenter P20 million for his physical injury and P6 million for moral and exemplary damages. - GMANews.TV

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