Ang section ko nung 4th year HS ako ay St. Athanasius. Kung saan, karamihan ng mga papables ng batch namin napunta. At sympre meron silang napakagandang president, sino pa ba? Edi ang Dyosang ito! Feast day ni St. Athanasius ngayon mag kapatid na Athans! Kabisado nyo pa ba yung prayer to St. Athanasius ako uu!

Pray to St. Athanasius
Father, You gave us St. Athanasius Your Bishop, to defend the divinity of Your Son. Grant that we may enjoy his teaching and protection. and grow continually in our knowledge and love of You. Amen. St. Athanasius! Pray for us!

PhotobucketSt. Athanasius, the great champion of the Faith was born at Alexandria, about the year 296, of Christian parents. Educated under the eye of Alexander, later Bishop of his native city, he made great progress in learning and virtue. In 313, Alexander succeeded Achillas in the Patriarchal See, and two years later St. Athanasius went to the desert to spend some time in retreat with St. Anthony.

In 319, he became a deacon, and even in this capacity he was called upon to take an active part against the rising heresy of Arius, an ambitious priest of the Alexandrian Church who denied the Divinity of Christ. This was to be the life struggle of St. Athanasius.

In 325, he assisted his Bishop at the Council of Nicaea, where his influence began to be felt. Five months later Alexander died. On his death bed he recommended St. Athanasius as his successor. In consequence of this, Athanasius was unanimously elected Patriarch in 326.

His refusal to tolerate the Arian heresy was the cause of many trials and persecutions for St. Athanasius. He spent seventeen of the forty-six years of his episcopate in exile. After a life of virtue and suffering, this intrepid champion of the Catholic Faith, the greatest man of his time, died in peace on May 2, 373. St. Athanasius was a Bishop and Doctor of the Church.

Bongga talaga ang patron ng section namin nun! Greatest Champion of the Catholic Faith! Like St. Athanasius! Laging Champion!