Last weekend I can say I watched 3 great films. What luck!

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood
PhotobucketI really love this movie, siguro kasi, it's about family and friendship. Hindi ko rin kasi maimagine na galit ako sa mom ko or vice versa. Kaya this movie really gave me a picture of how astray I will be if that would become a reality. Bukod pa dun, it rosters the veteran actresses Maggie Smith (Professor Mc Gonagal) and Sandra Bullock. The story is really good. I was so touched by Vi-vi's life. Inspite of the hardships that she endured during her lifetime, she managed to make everything right even at her old age. Love it!

Can't Hardly Wait
PhotobucketWala akong masabi kundi this is such a teen flick! Sobra! Yung time frame lang nung movie is 1 and a half days. 1 day morning, graduation, 1 day evening Grad party, 2nd day morning, Lead character Preston, leaves for a workshop. I was surprised to see many familiar faces. Especially that this movie was filmed at the time that I don't care about foreign films. Like Jennifer Love Hewitt (Singer of Barenaked, Lead Actress in the movies: If Only, I know What you did this Summer and its sequel), Melissa Joan Heart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch), Seth Green (Scott Evil in the Austin Powers movies), Selma Blair (From Cruel intentions, and Legally Blonde), Jerry O'Connell (tomcats and Detective William Hoyt from Crossing Jordan) and Charlie Korsmo (Jack from Hook). The story showcases the high school life of an American teen.

PhotobucketLokang loka ako sa movie na ito. If God would give you a message to kill persons, would you do it? I mean, literally, kill persons? The odd thing though, the scene when the father touches the devil and scenes of their evil doings are shown, is just plain brutal. Grabeh! ganun ba sa America, papatay ng bata? papatayin yung sariling nanay, tapos maglalagay ng pic nya kasama sya dun sa pic at pulis pa sya? Grabeh it's plain brutal. Bukod pa sa ang twist sa dulo nakakamatay sa hilo! papaikutin talaga ang mundo mo! Ang ayoko lang din dun, is the thought that you're going to kill your brother. Haaay. hindi ko kaya yun. Pero kahit ganun yung theme. I really loved it!